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Öngel College Of Cosmetology

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The certificates you receive are approved by the Ministry of Education and are indefinite,
with these trainings and certificates, you can start your own business and have a profession.
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Beauty expertise-IPL / Laser trainings

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Ladies Hairdressing

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The Male Berberlig

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Öngel Kozmetoloji Koleji


Aldığınız sertifikalar Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı onaylıdır ve süresizdir,
bu eğitimler ve sertifika ile kendi işinizi kurabilir, meslek sahibi olabilirsiniz.
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Güzellik Uzmanlığı – IPL/Lazer Eğitimleri

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Bayan Kuaförlüğü

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Erkek Berberliği

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K.K.T.C depending on the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the law No. 29/1988 and the relevant statutes, it started its education activities in 2006. Öngel cosmetology College was established with the article dated 06.06.2006 and numbered 354/06.

Our institution continues its education with expert training staff in every course field.

With the importance it attaches to education infrastructure in our structure, it has targeted the best quality education to its students with two classrooms and three practice workshops, four of which are interactive. We are proud to continue to be a leader in our field with four full-time and 2 part-time teachers and teaching staff.

Kurumumuz K.K.T.C Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı’na bağlı olarak, 29/1988 sayılı yasa ve ilgili tüzüklere uygun olarak, 2006 yılında eğitime faaliyetlerine başlamıştır. Öngel Kozmetoloji Koleji, 06.06.2006 tarihli ve 354/06 sayılı yazı ile kurulmuştur.

Kurumumuz her dersi alanında uzman eğitim kadrosu ile eğitimine devam etmektedir.

Bünyemizde eğitime altyapıya verdiği önemle dördü interaktif olmak üzere iki derslik ve üç uygulama atölyesi ile öğrencilerine en iyi kalitede eğitimi hedeflemiştir. Dört tam zamanlı ve 2 yarı zamanlı öğretmen ve öğretici kadrosu ile alanında lider olmaya devam etmenin gururunu yaşıyoruz.


The thesis” the subject of aesthetics is beauty in one word ” is a common recipe. Lips, considered the father of psychological aesthetics, says that “aesthetics is the science of beauty, and something is beautiful in the way that it Awakens Beauty in a person.” But this does not mean that we can keep Beauty and aesthetics exactly equivalent.

Today’s men and women want to feel both beautiful and good. For this purpose, both personal care and professional cabin care come to the forefront every day.

Öngel cosmetology College operates within Öngel companies with the aim of providing the human resources needed by the Cypriot people both for professional cabin maintenance and in the perfumery sector.

Öngel College Of Cosmetology

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